Need Inspiration? Look no further than our very own members and their life changing transformations!

Member Transformations
Before JT

What would you say to someone who is unsure about joining?

No one is ever sure about something new or a change. Sometimes it’s best not to listen to what our mind thinks and do what you desire to achieve. Just do the unthinkable and break the chain.”

Body Transformation

Marjorie’s Journey

CrossFit Never Quit has been a game-changer for me. After hitting a plateau in my training at the gym, I decided to give CrossFit a try in May of this year. Since joining the Never Quit family, not only have I seen tremendous improvements in my strength, cardio, technical lifting and overall fitness, I have lost over 7kgs and a few inches where it counts. The tailored programming and coaching at Neverquit have played a significant role in helping me achieve my goals. The coaches are always available to provide extra help and guidance, ensuring that I am performing exercises correctly and pushing myself to new limits.

Body Transformation 1
Body Transformation 2

How has Never Quit impacted your fitness journey?

There’s no other drive like a mother’s drive. Coming into Never Quit training alongside with these women inspires me. They aren’t influencers, just real down to earth beautiful women who also has a busy life. Being around these strong ladies encourages me to be better and to live by example for the younger generation.


Don’t wish to be fit, or to be strong. If you can breathe and walk and move anyone can do it.

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