Our 8 Wk Program cuts all the BS sugar coating that every other Challenge may provide you. If you want results it's not going to happen overnight or even a month.

The program will be run by Head Coach Huy and Head Nutritionist Suzie (Forge Nutrition). We want to be there every step of the way and provide you all the resources for you to succeed, all you need to do is commit and show up.

We only want a total of 20 members so we can work closely with each person to achieve the best results.

A Saturday Class will be added specifically for the program. This is compulsary for all memebrs as it is our body sculpting program which will teach you exercises you can do on your own to tone the muscles.

We want to play a role in your journey to being the best version of yourself.

We are ready to invest our time and energy to helping people reach their goals and all we ask for is commitment and resilience. We’ve seen too many of those people before and we’ve been burnt a couple of times. We want to help individuals through not only physical change but also mental health to allow sustainability after the program. There’s no magic pill, only the truth pill, thats the one you need to swallow.

If you’re ready for this change and you want us to help you like we’ve helped our members over the past years then lets schedule a meeting where you will meet the coaches and other champions ready to make a statement in life!

The best version of you is waiting. Let’s meet them together.

Our Program Includes:

  • Program structures designed by Head Coach Huy to specifically target muscle groups which will help develop the muscles needed to tone up. Your package will include the Basic CrossFit Program. ($400 - Basic Program)

  • Each Class will be instructed by high qualify Coaches to go through the extensive range of exercises to maximise muscle growth and fat loss.

  • Our Head Nutritionist Suzie will provide a guide for you to follow for diet plans. The plan will help you understand calories and macros to fast track your progression. ($80)

  • Pre/Post Body Scans will allow you to see how far you've come in 8 weeks. ($80)

  • We will have a private FB group so you can communicate with the coaches and other members to be held accountable with like minded people. 

  • We will be running 3 Workshops over the 8 weeks; Mindset, Nutrition, Movement. These workshops will help you maintain the knowledge even after the challenge. ($300)

The NQ.ME Challenge is:

$195 For NQ Members

$499 for non-members (includes Training)

Make Your commitment